To make Engineering
& Territory dialogue.

Omniservice Engineering was born in 1999 as the natural evolution of two professional studies, civil engineering and geology, operating in Sicily since 1985.

In these twenty years Omniservice has designed throughout the Sicilian territory – also developing special geological studies – sewage and waste water treatment systems, hydraulic infrastructures for water supply, infrastructures for roads, to contain hydrogeological risk and for recovery of historical heritage and building.

The studio is based in Aragona, in the province of Agrigento.

+ 20

Years of experience

An experience that began back in 1985, when the two professional firms started the collaboration.

+ 50

Completed projects

Strategic works and infrastructures built throughout the Sicilian territory.

Local knowledge: the strong point.

Thanks to twenty years of experience, Omniservice has developed a knowledge of the entire Sicilian territory in all aspects connected with the construction of the infrastructures, but also from a socio-economic and cultural point of view. Fundamental experience in the services offered by the group.